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4Fruitz is a trusted confectionery brand known and loved for its varied range of candies and jellies. Selling in no less than 6 countries, our candies are known for having extraordinary nutritional value with a mesmerizing taste. Our premium quality candies and jellies elate the taste buds with their luscious and sweet taste. Try the 4Fruitz candies and jellies to sail in a scrumptious ocean of juice and syrup, unraveling mysteries of ingredients you have never tasted before!


4Fruitz has a variety of flavours in the different candies, jellies, puddings and toffees that we market. Our products are made with natural flavours, syrups and even real fruit juice. So don’t even think twice before picking one up as our purely vegetarian collection will satisfy that special craving, each time!

premium quality

4Fruitz has always valued quality over quantity. We realize that nothing satisfies you more than the surety about the quality of our products. Prepared under the most hygienic and carefully monitored conditions, our candies and jellies meet all parameters needed to classify as premium confectionery.


As a result of our tie ups with the major retail brands across the globe, our market reach extends to over 6 countries. So what’s the good news? You can savor our delicious candies, jellies and toffees sitting in almost any part of the world only by reaching out to the nearest supermarket. Just name it and we’re there.


It's refreshing

Made with real fruit juice, our premium jellies are always fresh and kick off a zephyr of freshness and taste as you gulp it down your throat. It also has a sense of freshness in the fact that you might encounter a few Nata De Coco while you’re busy slurping that jelly from the cup.


Welcome to the world of 4Fruitz where it rains candies and jellies. Savor saccharine candies and jellies of premium quality and sail in an ocean of flavored syrup and real fruit juice, unraveling mysteries of ingredients you have never tasted before!

pudding jelly

Sweetened with the goodness of sweet carrageenan, the taste of 4Fruitz Pudding Jelly bursts in the mouth like a thunderstorm of flavors. Available in your favorite flavors of Strawberry, Mango, Orange, Green apple and Lychee, these pudding jellies are a hit amongst the kids and are equally loved by youngsters. Its unique recipe gives it an exclusive taste and makes it a highly savored delicacy among the ones with a sweet tooth.

almond toffee

Crafted with the nutritional value of healthy almonds, immense culinary expertise goes into the making of this delicacy. Its unique Iranian recipe which originated in the 1800s, gives it an unparalleled taste and makes it dear to the hearts of millions, especially the grandparents in every household. With time, the Almond Toffees have evolved to be widely gifted on occasions like festivals or even presented simply as a token of love and tradition.

hard candies

Delicious becomes the new healthy as 4Fruitz Hard Candies regale your taste buds with their syrupy taste. The hard candies have found a place in the hearts of millions as people from all ages – be it kids, youngsters or elderly, adore the taste of these colorful candies. Available in delectable tastes of Pineapple, Melon, Strawberry, Apple and Mango, these candies stir a wave of fruitiness as they melt in your mouth with tasteful ease.


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